Duplo G200/500

Reliable and user-friendly document production system. High quality printing. Environmentally Friendly. High Productivity.

The DP-G series are equipped with a thermal digital master making process with a scan and print resolution of 300 x 600dpi, reproducing originals to exceptionally high standards.

The DP-G series conforms to a number of environmental standards. All the compatible inks on the DP-G series are water based inks. The DP-G series feature an energy saving mode, which not only reduces the carbon footprint of a company, but also the running costs. The re-usable resin master eject core further improves its environmental performance.

The DP-G series can print up to 130 pages per minute. Master making interval time on the DP­G300 & DP-G320 is 21 seconds and 23 seconds on the DP-G200 & DP-G220 Double feed detection now comes as standard to ensure accurate printing of sheets and a new stepper motor paper feed system further helps to improve productivity.

Duplo-DP G200/500


  • Double feed detection as standard 130 prints per minute
  • 300 x 600dpi resolution
  • Stacking capacity of 1300 sheets User ID manager
  • Spot colour printing